2015: The Year of Recovery

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February 2015


Dear Friend,

The Lord told me that this is the year of recovery and restoration of things you’ve lost. It will be a great year of redemption and restitution for us as the Body of Christ! 

When David lost everything, he inquired direction from the Lord, and the Lord said to him, “ Pursue: for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all.” (1 Samuel 30:8). The Lord is saying this to us in 2015, “Without fail, you will recover ALL”!

In order for David to recover all, he had to make some important steps that would lead to his recovery. The Bible shows us clearly in I Samuel 30 the five things God told David to do to recover all, and we must also do these things, if we are going to recover:



  •  He did not blame anyone.



 God will challenge your heart and your character to see how you respond to what you perceive as being not right.



  • He praised God in the midst of difficulty – He encouraged himself in the Lord. (1 Samuel 30:6)



 Your recovery starts on the inside of you. You must first praise God and rejoice in the midst of the difficulty. Even if you are being persecuted or misunderstood to the point of depression, do not let depression grip your soul. You must get up, put on joyful praise music and encourage yourself in the Lord!



  • He came into the prayer of agreement with the priests and inquired direction from the Lord. (1 Samuel 30:7-8)



 You must find people who will come into agreement and believe with you for your total recovery.  Even Jesus asked a select few to agree with Him in the garden: Peter, James, and John. Jesus chose these three quite often in matters of prayer. You can’t just choose anyone in this time, God will not honor that. You must choose people of faith that believe The Lord for your success and recovery.  Choose wisely, not everyone wants to see you succeed, recover, or blessed!



  • He pursued the enemy that had taken his stuff (marriage, wives, finances, children, possessions, etc.). (1 Samuel 30:9-10)



You will never recover while you are sitting around waiting for God to do it all for you. God wanted David to co-labor with Him.  What is it you need to recover? Your marriage, business, finances? Recovery will not happen until you get up, put a plan in place, and pursue that thing you’ve lost! Start that business! Even if it failed the first time, The Lord said, “Without fail, this time you shall recover all”! This applies to every area! Whatever you want to recover, you must get up and move, PURSUE!!



  • He was a giver – He shared the spoils with those in need and the elders of Israel. (1 Samuel 30:26)



 After David recovered, he sent a gift to the leaders of Israel and all those in Israel who went to battle with him. He financially blessed others! This is what you must do to finalize your recovery for 2015… Become a giver!! In my life, it wasn’t until I became a giver that I began to see God’s will and destiny accomplished in my life.  Become a continual giver, a lifetime giver! 2015 is the year of recovery and the Lord wants you to sow your “Seed of Recovery”! As you sow your seed toward the fulfillment of God’s promises to you, He wants you to expect a great harvest financially and many other ways! What I have just taught you in the above passages of scripture possess the keys to your recovery, if you will do them.


The Lord has spoken to me concerning a great undertaking for His Kingdom. He told me that the time has come for me to get on National TV and speak to the masses about the importance of preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, winning the lost, healing sick bodies, casting out devils, raising the dead, and most of all, the resurrection, that He has risen from the dead and is alive through the message of Face to Face Appearances with Jesus Christ!!

To accomplish this mandate and reach the masses, it costs a lot of money. We are proud to say the last time The Lord told me to do a campaign like this was to pay off our JMMI Northeastern Headquarters, the people had a mind and heart to give and we raised the money and paid off the building in less than a year!

The time has come again to meet the need and fulfill the will of God. The need and goal set to cover the costs of the budget for the TV expenses and the necessary TV equipment to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through Face to Face and show the Lord’s Miracles nationally and internationally is $2 Million. I know that with God’s help, as you partner with me, I can accomplish this enormous task!

Let’s get excited together about believing God for the finances to win lost souls, heal the sick, and see Jesus appear to the lost, saving them from the damnation of Hell through this awesome television program!

Your contributory commitment and support will keep us above board, paying off all TV bills for an entire year! Your support will keep us from going into debt… We will pursue!!

The Lord has given me a plan and with your help, together we can accomplish this mandate!!

This is what The Lord proposed to me:


  •  For the month of February I am asking 4,000 people to give an initial one time Recovery Seed of $250.00

  •  The next 10 months (Mar-Dec) give $25 / $50 / or $100 per month.


of course we would prefer that everyone would give $100 from March – December, however, we know that everyone is not on the same level financially and we want to make it less of a financial burden, so we have offered three different monthly options.

The initial $250 will equal $1 Million in February, which we so desperately need immediately to move forward.

Please don’t say “they don’t need my gift because they already have enough people supporting, they can do it”. We will never achieve our goal with that mindset. We need all hands on deck. It’s going to be a monumental effort to get 4000 people to give $250, but it is NOT impossible. If we work together it is doable!! Will you be 1 of the 4000? I want you to realize the blessing of being a partaker of being a giver, especially in this year of Recovery!

As you have seen in the testimonies above, many have come into major financial blessings through giving to this ministry. Many have become millionaires as a result of giving into the work God has called

I’m not limiting you to $250. If you are financially able to give more, I certainly want you to do that. It will lighten the burden of this campaign. Remember that many people cannot even give $250, so your larger contribution can make up for the people that can’t. Many of you might be able to give the amount of 2, maybe even 3 or 4 people in the month of February. Do your best, not your less!

Thank you so much for your obedience to the Lord’s Call to Action and for sowing your Recovery Seed of $250! We are doing what the Lord said to David… We Are Pursuing!! Join us TODAY!

Upon receiving your Recovery Seed, as a token of my heartfelt appreciation, I will send you the DVD of Pastor Rod Parsley’s interview with me on his show Breakthrough from Jan 2015. It was Powerful!! Miracles flowed and there was a great release of financial miracles! I know you will be blessed!!

For a separate donation of $20 I will also send you the message “You Shall Recover All – Without Fail”!


I love you and thank you so much!

In His Service,

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