He Will Come

Amazing Testimonies of Different People’s Face to Face Appearances With Jesus


Amazing Testimonies of Face To Face Appearances From Jesus

Awesome Pastor who has over 400 churches and pastors under his apostleship world wide weeps as he tells his testimony of how Jesus appeared to him during this revival in Chicago in 2007. After David E. Taylor preached how Jesus would appear to the people in Chicago, Christ started appearing to many, even hundreds who  attended!

Peter Castro as seen here in the pictures below, a pastor under Nahum Rosario was appeared to by Jesus in broad daylight, like the Lord appeared to Paul on the road to Damascus.  In the service he began to give his testimony and weep.

The musician and minister of music named Gabriel gave his testimony of how he was visited by Jesus in a dream during his sleep.  He gave his testimony of how Jesus appeared to him and talked with him in the dream.

“While we were praying in the Spirit, I could see Jesus’ robe from the waist down.  It was very white.  I clung to His legs and I cried and cried.  Jesus stroked my head and I just felt so loved, comforted and cared for.”  - Altah Rae Love

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