Remembering 9/11

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If you knew how to save your country from an impending nuclear war, wouldn’t you do anything in your power to help? When he was eighteen years old, God first gave David E. Taylor a series of dreams regarding the future of America. He prophesied for twelve years that New York City’s World Trade Centers would be bombed by terrorists (secretly plotted by Russia), and after this initial attack, war would erupt in America. 


This war is not just on the way - it has already begun! What you are about to read is a serious warning from God to the nation of America. God loves America and He wants her to be saved. There is only one way to avert this war. You are about to read not just the problem America is facing, but the solution that David E. Taylor received after he passionately sought God for nearly twenty-eight years. Read his testimony and what God told him is going to happen next!  

 The Lord Showed me America's Future in Dreams

young apostle
Apostle David E. Taylor

I want to say this before you read the revelation God has given me for America. I am not a “doom and gloom” prophet. I know that with God there is always hope and a way of escape. 


He has an answer for us to turn this around! After He showed me the severity of this warning, I sought Him continually and passionately with tears to find the answer to turn America back to God. But we must first acknowledge the problem and condition that we are in before we can see the solution. 


While I was in college at the age of eighteen, the Lord appeared to me a dream and showed me that a war would happen in America, but it wouldn’t start with Russia attacking with bombs. In the first dream, I walked up to the American eagle. The eagle was prophesying and rhyming to me, saying “Russia and America are going to war.”  After this prophetic rhyme was finished, the Lord showed me a summit meeting where former President George Bush, Sr. and some Russian officials were coming together on a peace treaty.


However, Russia was planning a strike against America behind the scenes. God showed me in this dream that Bush’s son, George Bush, Jr. would be the president (which has come to pass) when the war would begin. This was a natural sign that what God had spoken in the dream was accurate. No one knew twelve years before the tragic events of 9/11 that George Bush, Jr. would be president. In this dream, he was representing a marker in time to signify the beginning of these events.

In this dream, Russia attacked America at the seat of her strength - her financial centers. I saw the trade towers being bombed and destroyed and falling to the ground. This was fulfilled with the World Trade Center tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001. This tragedy confirmed yet again that what God had said in these dreams was accurate. America, take heed. 


My Dream Came to Pass

Ten years after the Lord gave me the dream, I was in New York City the mornings of September 10-11, 2001, warning and prophesying to the people. No one believed me. The government said, “Our military is too strong.” America’s pride in her defense system was her downfall, because the very day the Lord showed me the attack would happen – it did. I was a young prophet, no one took me seriously, and it devastates me that so many innocent people had to die. 


The Lord showed me that 9/11 was just the beginning. He came to me and called me His friend, just like Abraham was a friend of God. In Genesis 18, the Lord spoke to Abraham what He was going to do with Sodom and Gomorrah before He destroyed them. 


“Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you” (John 15:15)..

God Tried to Stop 9/11 but We Did Not Do Our Part

Like all Americans, I was heartbroken when I saw the planes hit the twin towers. America asks, “Where was God on 9/11?” The answer to this question is apparent. God was right where America has put Him... out of the nation. America has pushed God so far out of this nation. One such example of this is when America took prayer out of the schools. When they did, lawlessness hit. Children began shooting their teachers, parents, and even each other! This was unheard of before they removed prayer out of schools! 


Now, America has taken the Ten Commandments (God’s Law) out of the courts, which inevitably will open the door to more lawlessness in the land. The events of 9/11 were not the fault of a small group of foreign terrorists. No! It was the result of an American people who have turned their back on and rejected their God. When you reject God and His Son Jesus, you give place to the devil and his works to invade the land, and that is exactly what has happened. The lack of repentance is rooted in America’s pride. 


When Sid Roth heard about how I had been prophesying for twelve years about the 9/11 attack, and how I was in New York City the day before and the morning of warning people, he had me on his show, It’s Supernatural in 2003 to testify and share the message of the Lord. Sid knew that this message is from God and that we must warn the Body of Christ and America. This message must be heard even more now all these years later. We do not have much time! We must wake up, America!. 


The Lord Showed Me Russia Attacking with Submarines That went Undetected by America’s Military

In another dream, the Lord showed me that Russia paid off terrorists to make it look like a terrorist attack. I also saw that in the years following this attack, if America didn’t repent and turn to Him, God would allow judgment to sweep the nation. Russia would attack the United States by submarine, win the war, and America would become a communistic country.


In this dream, after America and Russia made the peace agreement, immediately came sudden destructions. A war suddenly broke out and I saw Russia dive under the sea and then came up with a surprise attack on America’s side and begin to attack and bomb the nation. From the dream, God said that, “Russia is going to attack by submarine.” Russia is planning an undersea war against America. It will not happen overhead first, it will happen from under the sea. The first attack by terrorists has occurred. The next one will be from under the sea. .


Nuclear War is Inevitable if America Doesn't Repent 

Jesus last appeared to me regarding the nuclear war in 2005. He was in a white robe and He airlifted me up above America. We were standing in midair and I saw a nuclear missile with the old communistic Russian acronym, U.S.S.R., written on its side fly right past us. The missile flew past with intent and hit southern California. There was as second similar missile that was launched and programmed to hit Jacksonville, Florida. I saw people running and screaming before the nuclear bomb ever hit them. I was gripped with sorrow as I saw people run in terror as the flames from the atomic bomb disintegrate their flesh. Their skin literally melted and they evaporated into dust, and they were no more.


The shocking thing about this, is as the missile passed by Jesus and I, Jesus did not do anything to stop it from striking. He allowed the atomic bombs to hit. He said America was arrogant and asleep. She doesn’t think anything can come against her because of her pride. She thinks nothing like this could ever take place. This was a judgment for America kicking God out of the nation. You must understand this, if America doesn’t repent, this nuclear strike will happen. As horrible as that is, it doesn’t stop there. Russia will then invade America and take over the nation, winning the war. In this dream, I immediately fell on my knees after I saw the nuclear bombs hit and cried out to Jesus in tears, begging Him to turn this around, to have mercy on this nation, to give us more time to get right, and fervently petitioning Him for the answer to turn America back to God. 


It's Beginning to Happen Now!

Recently, in March 2018, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, spoke to the Russian Parliament laying out key policies for his next term as president. During his speech, President Putin showed a simulation unveiling what he called an “invincible” missile being launched and hitting central Florida! He went on to say that this new cruised missile can carry a nuclear payload and has unlimited range that can bypass the United States military missile defense system and any lines of interception. Putin claimed that these missiles are “invincible in the face of all existing and future systems of both missile defense and air defense,” even saying NATO’s missile defense system with these missiles are “completely useless.” 

President Putin also revealed a missile that can circle the globe without essentially running out on fuel because it is powered by nuclear energy. In the video he showed to the Russian Parliament, he showed the nuclear missiles being launched from submarines. This recent development is exactly what I have been prophesying for years. Florida, one of the very states Jesus showed me would be attacked is the very state President Putin demonstrated being struck by a nuclear missile in his simulation, the exact way (by submarine) that the Lord showed in my dreams! 

If America was obedient, they would have listened to Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative system back in the 1980s. Former President Reagan’s initiative called for building a network of ground and space based systems of defense to shoot down incoming Soviet missiles. This anti-ballistic missile strategy would allow America to stop incoming attacks from not only the ground, but also outer space. America didn’t listen, and now, over thirty years later, we still face Russian missile threats that will destroy America if she doesn’t repent. When you forsake God, He leaves you defenseless. 

God's Promise to Forgive & Heal America 

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

God will forgive and heal America if we do exactly what the Lord says in 2 Chronicles 7:14. The first step is not for America to pray -it is for America to first humble themselves! You can pray in pride, and not be heard, like the religious pharisee did in Luke 18. We must renounce all of our pride and arrogance and return back to humility. “God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble” (James 4:6). We do not want God resisting us, it is His grace that we need to preserve our nation! 

As we humble ourselves, we can begin to pray and our prayer will be acceptable before God! We must gather together in unity. God is calling America to repent of her disunity, specifically in regards to racism. We must repent of all racism in our nation! The scriptures go on to say, “and seek my face,” this is the move of Face to Face! You see, it was when Jesus appeared to Saul on the road to Damascus that he was changed and dropped his murderous ways (Acts 9). The scriptures say, “When he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is” (1 John 3:2). When we begin to seek and see the face of the Lord, we are changed immediately! When we see Him, we become like Him! Face to Face removes wicked ways from us! God promises that as we do this, He will hear from Heaven, forgive our sins, and heal our land! 


How to Stop Nuclear War

My precious friend, I love this country and I want to see it saved. Ever since I was a young man I passionately sought the answer to bring America back to God. Initially, I tried everything I knew of to provoke America to repentance. I asked Jesus what I could do to prevent this war from coming to America. I thought maybe if God used me to raise the dead, speak words of knowledge, or heal the sick it would be enough, but I was wrong. During the eighth month of a shut-in I did at a church, I was pleading for an answer from the Lord. Suddenly, Jesus walked right through the wall and said to me, “I have come to answer you. When I saved you did I do a miracle to save you? Did I raise someone from the dead? Did a do a miracle healing in front of you?”


“No, Lord,” I replied.

“How did I save you?” He asked.

I told Him, “You appeared to me face to face. You came to me in a dream.”

“That is the answer,” Jesus said.  


The Lord Appears to a Young Lady : Verifying Face to Face Being the Answer for America

Here is a dream that was just recently given to a young lady verifying this message again.

“I was so upset with my son. I thought I would never get over this, I was that mad. I went to God in prayer and asked for God to forgive me before I went to bed that night. As I fell asleep, I was taken out of my body. I was standing in the courts of Heaven before God. I was thinking, ‘Why am I in court?’ I was taken to the stand. I stood before the courts and then Satan walked in, saying, ‘Oh, little king!’ He was wicked looking, nasty and evil. Satan came in to tell God and the court that I was mad at my son. He was laughing about it. Then I said, ‘I repented and prayed the blood of Jesus over me and the situation.’ Satan got so mad and started yelling, ‘No, No, No!’ It was too late for him to use that against me.


I looked to my left in the doorway, Jesus stood there in a white glowing robe. When I saw Him, I knew I was okay. Satan started yelling, ‘I hate you little king!’ Then Satan turned his back to me and said, ‘And I really hate that David E. Taylor!’ I thought to myself, ‘I don’t, you know. I can hear you and I will go and tell him.’ He turned back to me, drool was dripping from his mouth he was so mad. Spitting drool, he said, ‘He is always going around talking about the Kingdom of God and Face to Face!’ Satan kept yelling, ‘I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!” Satan was pacing back and forth like a crazy animal. 


All the sudden I was in Jesus’ arms and we were translated to the edge of Heaven looking over the world. Jesus said to me, ‘Never leave my friend David or the ministry, your eternal life depends on it, even if you are the only person! Never leave!’ That made my heart stop and I looked down at the Earth. I saw the move of Face to Face moving across the world. While standing with Jesus, I saw a gold scale and America’s judgements were getting stacked up. The golden scale was stacked against America and was indicating a judgment not in favor of America, but against America. The scale was very big and tall, the chains were longer so they could reach the bottom. 


The golden scale was literally tipped to one side all the way to the bottom with judgement against America, but the more Face to Face spread across the country, and people truly joined behind it and Apostle Taylor that the judgement against America got lighter. The judgement was held off or canceled all because Face to Face! Jesus stood there on his fist were the countries that would be used against America. I looked and saw Jesus’ fist. On His fist He had the nations written on His knuckles that He would He use against America as a chastisement and judgment. The nations were literally printed on Jesus’ fist. I saw the nations of Russia and China, but I could not read the other nations."


Stand with Face to Face

Face to Face is the answer! Face to Face is the only thing that is going to cause America to repent and be saved. Just Him personally coming to His people. The world and the church aren’t listening to preachers. They have already seen supernatural things and aren’t listening. But if Jesus comes to them, they will listen! If the Father appears openly He will get their attention! I don’t want to scare the American people, but I want to shake them and make them understand the seriousness! Jesus isn’t going to step in this time and stop the war, you must understand the American people are responsible to do their part.


Help David E. Taylor spread Face to Face and let’s see America return to her first love! You can help today by spreading the book and causing your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and everyone around you to meet Jesus face to face! Who do you know in your life that needs a face to face visitation from Jesus? Everyone, that’s who! David E. Taylor has drastically reduced the cost of a case of his best-selling book, Face to Face Appearances from Jesus: The Ultimate Intimacy so that you can begin spreading the move of Face to Face across America! The Lord is a covenant maker and covenant keeper! He made a covenant with David E. Taylor that anyone who reads this book will receive an appearance from Him!

You can order your case of face to face books, containing 48 copies, for a love gift of $480.00 (plus shipping and handling). 


Order a case today, and receive for FREE the special limited edition hard-edition of Face to Face Appearances from Jesus - personally signed by David E. Taylor As a bonus, you will also receive the Face to Face keychain!


You will also receive FREE Exclusive Seating at the One Night with the King New Year’s Celebration and Dinner! 


You can also purchase a face to face book at regular price for $20, and receive a second one, FREE!


When you order a case of books, you not only get 48 books to hand out, but you enable David E. Taylor to continually give the face to face book free over TV, at his crusades, and to those who can not afford their own copy. 


Call 1-877-The-Glory – that’s 1-877-843-4567 or go online to: and order as many face to face books as you can and give them to everyone you know. When people see the Lord, their lives will be preserved and saved! America can be preserved through Face to Face!


“… for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved” (Genesis 32:30)


David E. Taylor is also eagerly anticipating having you for One Night with the King, where he will be teaching on how to have a face to face relationship with Jesus and the Father! He wants to see you there! Miracles and healings will take place from all manner of sickness as David E. Taylor will be praying for the sick the first three nights of the Conference! December 29th - January 1st. JMMI Northeastern Headquarters, 20320 Superior Rd., Taylor, MI. 48180. Call now for your FREE VIP Tickets today! 


Thank you for your partnership and your commitment to see America preserved through Face to Face! I love you and I love America. I will never stop fighting to see our nation preserved. 


My friend, always remember, God has not planned any defeat for you! 


Your friend,

David E. Taylor