Charisma Magazine Exposed

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Recently we became aware of a libelous article about David E. Taylor written by “full-time minister” J. Lee Grady, a contributing editor of Charisma magazine since 1992. It is evident that as a “self-proclaimed minister,” Grady spends much of his time under the spell and influence of the arch-enemy of God and man, the accuser of the brethren, who also wanted the position of being like God only to forsake the relationship with Him. The Bible tells us how to spot the accuser in Revelation 12:10, “…for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.” They work overtime in an effort to accuse others. This is a sign of those that are working with the devil: never building relationships by proclaiming the Lord, but rather tearing them down while they try to be like the Lord. It has been Grady’s pattern and position for years to bring accusations against men and women of God, including Rick Joyner, Kenneth Hagin, Benny Him, and many others, because he lacks a personal relationship with God for himself and the revelation it brings.  

 J. Lee Grady Assassinates People with His Mouth

Lee Grady
J. Lee Grady

Since Pastor Taylor’s conversion, it has been his heart’s desire to spread the gospel of Christ to every nation, tongue, and race. He has come into the understanding of what Jesus meant when He said to love beyond knowledge. It doesn’t matter what people have done wrong, it matters if we can remain in love with them more than we are with the knowledge of their good deeds or evil mistakes. The love of Christ always works to save and restore people. It’s the accuser of the brethren that judges and seeks to destroy them through knowledge of good and evil. In this article by Grady, which is just one of many, the only thing he is “contributing” to is tearing people down because of knowledge he’s heard. The Bible says “death and life are in the power of the tongue…” (Proverbs 18:21) and Grady is assassinating others with his words. He has published several articles over the years recycling the same content but attaching it to a different minister or church in an effort to defame them. As a “Christian magazine,” it’s sad to see Charisma stand with such antichrist behavior. Jesus said “…if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone” (Matthew 18:15). He didn’t say to write articles about them without reaching out to them for their side of the story. Grady is helping Charisma become nothing more than a trashy tabloid for the self-righteously deceived, paid off by a known racist. 

Grady’s Source for His “Story” is a Racist Who Hates Blacks and Steals Money from Charities

Grady says his source for writing this weak and deceiving article accusing Joshua Media Ministries International (JMMI) of being a “cult” is a “former JMMI staff member” named “Mark.” Grady is lying to his readers. The “source” of his story is none other than con-artist Rick A. Frazier, and we have the email correspondence between Frazier and Charisma proving this. Frazier began his racist attacks when his ex-wife gave a donation to JMMI. After doing so, his daughter heard him say, “I can’t believe she gave that money to a black man’s ministry,” and later Frazier admitted to spray painting “KKK”, “nig**r”, and swastikas on a church Pastor Taylor was ministering at in Washington. We have his recorded confession. Frazier’s lies have led to bomb threats at David E. Taylor’s church services and death threats to his life. Frazier’s ex-wife divorced him when she caught him in their bed having sex with a man. These matters and all parties involved are currently being investigated by the FBI and Homeland Security. 

The legal deposition featuring David E. Taylor was another one of Rick Frazier’s ambushes using spliced and diced footage of what was really Frazier’s divorce hearing where David E. Taylor was called in as a witness because Frazier’s ex-wife donated money to JMMI. Grady’s claim that David E. Taylor spent $30,000 on clothes per year and used ministry funds for luxury cars is false and comes from the spliced video that Rick Frazier put out. Most of the clothes and gifts bought for $30,000 over five years were acts of benevolence for other people in need. They were purchases approved by JMMI’s Board of Directors for his travels and TV ministry. Every car given to Pastor Taylor by people who have been blessed by his life have been gifted back to JMMI to support the ministry. He only has one car today in his name, a leased Range Rover.Image 1

Charisma Took the Bait of a White Supremacist

Grady also stated that “former followers of Taylor have started websites to expose him.” No, the deceptive content on the internet defaming the character of David E. Taylor and JMMI has been proven to be produced by Rick Frazier. Frazier has admitted to spending over $100,000 a year to keep derogatory websites, ads, and videos about David E. Taylor at the top of the front page of Google. We also possess email correspondence between Frazier and Charisma employees that document their conspiracy to publish disparaging articles against David E. Taylor which is not only defamation of character, but also a conflict of interest due to JMMI and Charisma’s business partnership. Since 2015, Pastor Taylor spent over $74,000 with Charisma to reach and minister to people. He was also interviewed numerous times on Charisma’s Podcast. Charisma pursued David E. Taylor for a 1-year contract worth $30,000. Pastor Taylor wasn’t pursuing them for a year contract, Charisma pursued him. About 4 months into the contract, Charisma canceled their agreement. 


Grady’s “Investigation” EXCLUDED Reaching out to David E. Taylor

This is the first sign of the accuser of the brethren - they do not seek to speak to the one they are accusing with a heart of love, understanding, or restoration, like Christ commands us in the scriptures (Matthew 18:15, Galatians 6:1). In fact, Grady never even reached out to David E. Taylor. Grady claims Pastor Taylor and other pastors are not “accountable,” but the truth is, he is not accountable to Christ or His Word. 


“Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself…” (Galatians 6:1).


Blaspheming the Holy Spirit 

Grady made a dangerous mistake when insinuating that David E. Taylor was a false prophet. The Church needs to be careful to not follow in Grady’s footsteps and keep their mouths off things like this. The Bible says that blaspheming the Holy Spirit is an unforgivable sin! “Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme: But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation” (Mark 3:28-29). Not knowing the Godhead will cause you to discern wrongly. It’s better to say nothing at all than to be wrong about your judgments of what is or isn’t the Spirit of God. 


Charisma Ignores Vicki Yohe’s Warning

Long time Gospel singer Vicki Yohe is a friend to Pastor Taylor and JMMI. Over the years, Vicki has ministered with T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, Marilyn Hickey, Jentezen Franklin, the Gaithers, and many others. In April 2018, and several times before, knowing that Charisma was being fed lies and deception about Pastor Taylor, she reached out to the magazine, specifically founder and owner, Steven Strang to warn him about the man behind the lies, and each time she was told, “I’ll look in to it.”  Charisma would not listen to what she was saying. 

Vicki Yohe’s Public Rebuke to Charisma 

Vicki responded to Grady’s Charisma article saying: “Your article has zero credibility. Why not call David E. Taylor’s ministry and speak with him? This ministry has changed my life. I’ve been around it for over a year now - nothing cultish about it, just people with something in common - we’ve all seen Jesus! I was raised in the United Pentecostal Church, we were accused of being a cult because we all believed the same outward separation when it came to holiness. I will never believe we were a cult. The man who was the source for this article is under FBI investigation. He’s admitted to vandalizing one of Apostle Taylor’s churches, busting the windows and putting ‘KKK’ and the N-word on the building. There is recording of him admitting to this and multiple other crimes - he is a racist! This is who you found credible? Wow! You should always check your sources. Charisma pursued David E. Taylor for a year to buy ads from them on a consistent basis. When he finally did, you all abruptly and rudely terminated his contract for no truthful reason. This article will hurt Charisma, it won’t affect him. Every time things like this happen to him, his ministry grows! My friends Paula White and Darlene Bishop just spoke at his crusade and love his ministry. Many warned them not to come, but they came anyway and will be back! You have never been to any of his meetings, never asked for an interview to hear what he’s all about, you listened to a criminal with zero credibility! You have stooped very low and partnered with a racist… Sad!” . 


Shady Grady Bringing More False Accusations Based on Lies 

Clear Sign of the Accuser – Using People’s Past Mistakes to Destroy Them

When a person is under the accuser of the brethren spell, they try to uncover anything that will portray the one they are accusing as a liar. Grady proved this valid point when he mentioned the 2014 Super Bowl dream showing the Denver Broncos would win. The dream was not given to Pastor Taylor, but to someone else and was shared from his platform. Pastor Taylor’s heart was to show people that God speaks to them in dreams in all areas of life. It was not an attempt to validate himself as a prophet, there is a clear difference. The dreams he’s had, have come to pass. In April 2018, the dream God showed him five years prior, about breaking the demonic king ruling over North Korea and the restoration and unification process that would take place between North and South Korea came to pass! You can see where Pastor Taylor prophesied this in 2013 and in 2018 it came to pass. This is just one of many testimonies that validate his face to face relationship with Christ and his office as a true prophet. 

 Another Sign of the Accuser - No Heart to Seek to Understand

Lee Grady
J. Lee Grady

Grady never sought to understand first (Proverbs 4:7), like the Bible exhorts us to. Grady claims that David E. Taylor’s audience primarily comes from the internet, due to JMMI being blocked from buying a mall in St. Louis. However, JMMI does own a building in Michigan where thousands of people come to experience the tangible power of God, several times a year. Pastor Taylor has over 1,500 churches under his global leadership. Mass crowds come to his crusades every year. Here again, Grady does not seek to understand, but presumes on information fed to him by a known racist.


Grady has declared that those who follow Pastor Taylor’s ministry lack spiritual discernment and don’t know the warning signs of spiritual abuse. He listed six ways spiritual abuse operates, implying JMMI is a cult. These points, all of which have been scripturally refuted, are as follows.


1. An authoritarian leadership style: Grady insinuated that David E. Taylor has no humility, is not submitted to anyone, is unfit to be a pastor, and is immature and untested, wounding innocent people with his harsh demands, threats, and domination, using 2 Corinthians 1:24 out of context to back up his allegation. On the contrary, Pastor Taylor is submitted to the Godhead and has over a thousand churches under his apostleship all over the world. Why would these leaders and pastors stay submitted to an “authoritarian leader” at their own will? After years of being submitted to other spiritual leaders, David E. Taylor’s promotion by God has made him a role model and set authority in the church and a spiritual father to people all over the world. Grady has not once met or even spoken to Pastor Taylor. How is it that he can accurately speak about someone's character without meeting them?


2. A secretive atmosphere: More claims were made by Grady that suggest that David E. Taylor is secretive about everything, especially financial records, and that he doesn’t allow members to question anything. Pastor Taylor does not hide anything or shut down questions from anyone. This is another failed attempt to deceive people, creating a storyline that depicts something is being hidden. In fact, David E. Taylor invites people from around the world to come to the JMMI Northeastern Headquarters to pray and see what he does with ministry money. Every crusade and conference are broadcasted live for anyone in the world to be a part of. There is no secrecy or exclusivity about JMMI. Anyone that wants to be a part and advance God’s Kingdom is always welcome.


3. Spiritual elitism: Grady stated that cult-like churches like JMMI are spiritually toxic and don’t grow to be large, continually bashing other denominations and claiming their doctrines are better. David E. Taylor shows no signs of spiritual elitism, nor does he bash other denominations. He is continually leading people to Jesus and not himself. Grady is accusing Pastor Taylor of spiritual elitism, but it is he who is the one who has lifted himself up as judge and jury against the servants and people of God (James 4:11). The very things Grady accuses Pastor Taylor of doing, are the things he is doing.


4. Financial manipulation: Again, using scripture out of context, Grady alleged that David E. Taylor coerces, berates, and threatens the congregation at offering time, going so far as to say he is operating in witchcraft by telling donors they must give to be blessed. Pastor Taylor solely preaches the words of God because his heart is to see people blessed and prosperous. “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again” (Luke 6:38). He has never once forced, commanded, or intimidated anyone into giving anything to him or JMMI.


5. No respect for personal liberty: Grady’s outlandish suggestion that David E. Taylor is a slave master, treating his church volunteers as slaves, forcing them to work unreasonably long hours, and grieving the Holy Spirit is inaccurate and deceitful. By definition, “slave” means “a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another,” while “volunteer” means “a person who voluntarily offers themselves for a service or undertaking willingly without pay.” Pastor Taylor makes it clear that anyone may leave JMMI at their own will at any time - no one is being forced to stay or to do anything.


6. Hyper-spirituality: Grady boldly implied that David E. Taylor hasn’t been properly trained or mentored and is overcompensating for his lack of experience by pretending to have an inside track to God. He also suggested that Pastor Taylor’s insecurity has led to pride which has opened the door for “weird forms of abuse.” Pastor Taylor has never claimed to be the only one with direct access to God. In fact, he shares how everyone in the world can have an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ too! He is sharing his face to face ministry all over the world, not to draw people to himself, but to draw people to Jesus.


Face to Face is Changing the World!
 David E. Taylor never claimed to be Moses as Grady insinuated in his article, rather, Pastor Taylor ministers out of what the Apostle Paul spoke about in Ephesians 1:18 “inheritance in the saints.” Grady also ends his article quoting Matthew 24:5 out of context, “Many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.” This once more proves Grady’s accusatory nature and his lack of desire to seek the heart of a matter. This scripture is talking about the rapture, and that there would be some having proclaimed that Jesus has returned. This is not what Pastor Taylor teaches. He believes in the second coming of Christ as an event that has not yet happened, but will come to pass in the future. Pastor Taylor teaches the fundamental doctrine of our faith, that Christ not only died for our sins, but God raised Him up and He is alive today! Because He is alive today, we can have a face to face relationship with Him as promised in the Scriptures! Just like how Moses was a Face to Face Prophet, drawing people to meet with God, “And Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with God…” (Exodus 19:17) David E. Taylor has been called in our generation to show the Body of Christ that it is possible to go deeper with Jesus than what the 21st Century church teaches! Don’t let Satan distract you from what Jesus wants – an intimate relationship with His people! 

Don’t Fall Victim to Satan’s Strategy

One of Satan’s favorite strategies is division, especially in the Body of Christ. This is the same strategy J. Lee Grady and Charisma are using to blind the minds of Christians all over. Just as Joyce Meyer teaches, the battlefield of the mind is Satan’s specialty. “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them” (2 Corinthians 4:4). Satan wants to blind people to the face to face ministry that God has given to David E. Taylor so that they will miss out on the blessing that He is trying to bring them, namely a deeper intimacy with His Son. If others can convince you and blind your mind to the truth, then Satan already has you! Don’t be manipulated by the schemes of the enemy. “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices” (2 Corinthians 2:11)If you or anyone you know has been accused by so-called Christians in the Body of Christ, we want you to call 1-877-843-4567, JMMI’s 24/7 global prayer line, to pray for those that are bound by the accusatory spirit of Satan and for you to receive restoration. JMMI is a safe-place where you can come and receive freedom and healing! “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again” (Matthew 7:1-2)..